Sara Welch

         Hey there, I’m Sara Welch.  I am mother to 3 amazing children who remind me daily that God does work in mysterious and beautiful ways.

         To this day my favorite things about my babies are the tiny details.
           I have an affinity for all things baby…. that super fresh scent that only a newborn has, the soft flaking, wrinkly,  folded skin, the uncontrollable urge to kiss those tiny hands and feet, the feathery soft hair on the tips of their ears and tops of their shoulders, those eyes that stare at you with an intensity that says, “so this is you.”  Newborns are only newborns for a tiny fragment of time.  They curl and snooze and squeak and grunt.  This dissolves all too soon for most parents.  My job is to encapsulate those tender memories of your tiny wonder in a way that you can always remember your newborn….  organic. fresh. simple.